Sunday, December 5, 2010

I cut my hair....all of :)

Yes it is true i cut all my hair off....i think the long hair gave me this good innocent girl look and i am anything but :) yes so i finally have a youtube channel since sadly some people doubt if i am real which is weird i guess. Hmmm i need interesting people..i need entertainment..i need a little sissy minion to entertain me and do things i say on cam to make me laugh...pretty much humiliate yourself lolz.....i can be pretty brutal, so if you dont think you can handle my requests then please do not even attempt to contact me. It varies too..maybe one day i want to see you shave your balls and make a hair colloge for me to post on my blog....or dance around pretending to be a damn good swan princess in your little ballerina outfit..jaja or i cold get sadistic and play how many clamps can we fit on your balls while doing all the above....i have a vivid imagination..ill think of something or hey if you are creative..surprise me!!!! camming now and doing vids..

                                                  Fuck you...Pay me!!!!!!!!