Monday, July 4, 2011

As of right now i am choosing to switch from Cam to RT sessions. I only choose to do sessions in the St. Louis area. I will still do sessions on cam for you to be in the spotlight but due to a change in location and daily activities i only have time to be the spectator. I still do phone sessions and can make photo sets for loyal slaves.

If a RT session in St. Louis is of interest  then the way to contact me and the rules have not changed. My time is precious and i do not have time to have a conversation for you to wank your small wee dick to. If you contact me on yahoo and do not get to the point of the conversation in the first 3 messages you will not be met with kindness.

If photo sets or phone convo is what you want you will need to either tell me what kind of sets you would like. Scheduling appointments for phone conversations is a must. Tired of dealing with time-wasters and little boys not knowing what they want.

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