Sunday, November 14, 2010

Calling all Money Slaves

                          I honestly feel guys are worthless pieces of waste. Seriously they are only good for their money and whatever random meaningless errand we send them on to get them out of our hair. What do they know about the joys of getting your hair and nails done? Going out and buying lacy and frilly things. I think i am going to need to spread the word to as many guys as i can to let them know how meaningless they are and their small itsy bitsy dicks don mean shit to us. i just want to laugh in their faces and treat them like they deserve to be treated, like NOTHINGS!!! 
                                  I am the boss, I run things. Hell i am in need of a wallet, whose gonna be my wallet and give me what i deserve. I want entertainment, i want a slave to entertain me when ever i want and pay to entertain because it is a privilege. I need a vent-box that i can use to tell you how unworthy and worthless you actually are and how i feel about you. feeling? oh wait i don't think i have one. I am one cold self-absorbed Goddess and i shall be treated as such. If not then i will do everything and i mean everything in my power to make sure you not only regret but hate yourself for it. I live a nice lifestyle and i will continue to live a nice lifestyle and being my wallet means you are responsible to make sure i am lavished. Im not sure why i would even offer you the privilege of spoiling me. I will not show you attention and maybe just maybe if i see you are faithful with your tributes will i give you a little tease and show you all the great things im buying with your money.
Stop being such a loser and just pay up already. Go buy my clips, and my gift cards and and if you want to hear me tell you what a loser you are then you will pay for it at all costs. I am very demanding and i get what i want. im a brat and i love it!! I need a money slave and i need one now. I need one to work hard to keep up my lifestyle.