Calling all slaves

 So you want to become one of my slaves?
****Please note that financial slavery is not the only thing i specialize in. and yes it does cost to be on a cam session if financial slavery is not your cup o tea then it will not be discussed, that is why i have you fill out the form below so there will be no misunderstandings.****
  • My toilet slave- Looking for the best seat in the house to enjoy my release and watersports ;) This can either be a Real time slave or a phone and photo set slave. 
  • My Garbage collector- This slave must purchase all my garbage like my dirty panties and used socks and old shoes or foot file hell even the tissue i wipe my ass with. Im seeking an avid, serious collector.
  • My Shoe and Feet Slave-My shoe slave is responsible for making sure my closet is filled with wonderful shoes and really cool socks and stockings and $$$ for the spa so i can get a pedicure and keep them dazzling. These slaves will be rewarded when on good behavior with pictures or vids of all my footscapades and maybe if i feel nice then pairs of my dirty socks and shoes or my nail clippings. 
  • My Bill Collector- Who would be responsible for putting $$$ in my bill fund so i dont have to and can have $$$ to get things that matter like i dunno toys!!! My Bill collector will be given pictures and vidoes of the things i bought instead of paying bills, new lingerie, new toys, new gadgets?? i dont know.

  • My chat and cam and picture buyer- Will be responsible for going to all my sites and links and buying all my videos and camming with me as much as possible for what ever price i deem fit and chatting with me on my line so i can teach you how to be a good pay piggie and talk about how much of a loser you are.
  • My link presser- You will go through and press all my links daily and vote for me so i can be on the top where a Goddess should be. You will also do the same for all my Friends. 
  • My wish list surfer- You are responsible for going through my wish list daily and getting your fix buying something on there. You will also be responsible for sending me gift cards or e certificates to my email weekly.
  • My loser slave- This slave is not good for anything but his damn wallet. so your job is to put money in my account or money paks or go to my talksugar and direct tip BC that is all you are good for. You will get nothing in return except for the inside pleasure of knowing you are not entirely useless.

  • My Cuck slave- you will be the one paying for all my dates and gifts for the person i am with (which coincidentally isn't you ) You will purchase phone  time so i can tell you all about my love and sex life with my strong worthy man. i will give you the most intricate details. 
  • My Humiliation slave-This is for those slaves that need to be humiliated and degraded and confirmed how worthless they are. Actually they are just there to amuse me. To do the many acts and activites that show who is in power. and of course i will post those pics and or chats on my blog.
  • Pain Pig- I have a pretty sadistic mind and i need a pig to inflict the creative sparks in my mind. If you choose this then you are taking a leap of faith and communication is key bc your pain is my pleasure. From physical pain to mental pain having you in tears. I want to train you to accept it and be my little pig. In my opinion i believe only a few are cut out for it. 
    So if you feel you will do good with one or many of these positions, email me with the info below so we can see if we are a good fit bc i hate time-waster!!!! i need someone reliable. someone respectful. someone to wallet rape :) 




    What position(s) are you applying for:?

    Why you feel you can best serve this position?:

    Which of my intrest are also intrests of yours?:

    What are some of your limits (turn offs's)

    What kind of commitment are you looking for?(daily, weekly, monthly,set amounts etc.)
    Have you read,understood and agreed to my basic rules? 

    Email the above filled out to me. If not filled out then i wont give you the time of day. This is to see if you are good at following directions.  

    Some Internets of Mine

    • Humiliation 
    • Tease and Denial
    • Crushing
    • Force feeding
    • Balloons
    • Body Worship
    • Strap-on worship
    • Small Penis Humiliation
    • Feminization, Sissy Training
    •  Financial Domination, Moneyslavery
    • Shopping, Shoes, Lingerie
    • Verbal Humiliation
    • Forced Intoxication
    • CBT
    • Foot worship
    • Ignore cam
    • Cuckold
    • Watersports 

    You are not worthy!
    I dont need your money, But you have a need to give it all to me!!!!
    and yes i will take it all!!!!
    If you want my attention 
    and if i feel you are the least bit worthy i may show you some

    If you wish to serve me you will be a well run dry