Basic Rules

  1. DO NOT contact me if you have no interest in serving me. 
  2. I will not get on cam for exception. i have videos on youtube and many pictures. If this isnt going to work for you then leave now bc i will not turn on my cam for free. 
  3. If within the first 5 min of messaging me you have not taken steps to become or stated interest in becoming a slave of mine the convo will be ended.
  4. Respect me at all times
  5. Refer to me as Goddess, Mistress, and Ma'am
  6. No refunds at all....!!!!
  7. I will not stand up and give you views of my ass or flash my tits, if you want to see that then buy the many pictures i have posted on here. 
  8. Do not annoy me. Do not pester me. Do not bother me.  i dont know how many other ways i can say it. get to the point. once you have established yourself as a worthy slave then i will take the time out of my day to show you genuine attention. until then please do not expect it. 
These are the basic rules. Once you fill out the application and email it to me i will respond with the rules and expectations of that specific role.