Loving camming...hate the freeloaders and guys who just sit there with nothing to say...But when i am in private i do indeed have fun. Like Last night this guy claimed to have a big dick...popped it out...im sitting there squinting like WTF? haha he must of been there for some SPH bc there is no other explanation for his outlandish confidence.  Cant Wait to start Streamate...just waiting for my age docs to go through....I will of course post the link on my camming sites post as soon as i am avail. and i will tweet it of course. Really debating which i should get first... some vibrators and assortment of dildos or a fucking machine...i seen a couple nice ones i liked that were not big and bulky like it was straight out of a porn set..so i am going to look into them..i heard they are loud though...i can be quite loud too if its that good :)

Soooo its the 4th of July the day to stay away from bad children with lighters. Im sooo happy that i am back into what i love doing most. I feel like i came back with more sass then i left with. Last night i had a session with this lame who wanted me to just be a total bitch to him. I dont know i think it went all the way back to H.S but yea we played a game (you know i love my games)  where i met with him and made him feel like such an idiot for showing up and thinking he was worth my time. I told him how pathetic he was and i tried i actually tried to have a conversation with him but his life was just so bland and lame that i had to show and express my disinterest.
  Long story short i made him feel like a failure at life and he ended up crying and i had a "i dont give two fucks" look on my face. I filled his heads with views of his wife getting fucked by a man worthy of it unlike himself and went into excruciating detail the funny part is that he loved every moment of it and even scheduled another session.  I feel like i should have sent him to a therapist instead.....but then i wouldnt get the chance to have so much fun making him feel the lesser.
  If any of you out there wanna experience what he did  id defiantly  love to do it all over again. :)

If anyone wants email updates sent to them about the blog email me and let me know. Also have been hearing alot of doing "real time" im thinking maybe in a month or so that would be something i would do but only with worthy and faithful slaves bc it is a privilege.  keep the forms rolling in having fun reading through them and the whole cam verify thing is going so much better than i thought, im proud you slaves are being so obedient.

So ive had a few questions with my session rates.....if you are my wishlist slave then are to pay for the session time and during our session purchase things off my wishlist.. pretty self explanatory..if you are my humiliation slave then you are there during the session to amuse me. If you are my cuck then during our session not only will we talk about all the kinky things having to do with my real Man but also purchasing things i can wear for him or sending money for our date etc. so pretty much everything is about making and keeping me happy. i get something out of it regardeless and payment is made before the session and can be made directly into my account through my banner which is pretty easy. oh and also there is no nudity in any of my cam sessions for those dumb ass time wasters ahh this entry is more of a rant about time wasters and hoping to avoid them. so i already have some applicants for the 1st so b sure to request in advance. 

I have a new email address for my special slaves.....i will only give this email out to the ones i feel are worthy and i will make sure i will send out a newsletter or updates before it hits my blog. I will also send them pictures that noone else will see. but it only goes to my special slaves who have shown to be very obedient and worthy.

When i tell people what i do, they dont understand. They dont understand me or the people whom i service. They are vanilla. They are in a comfortable box. They are in a coffin. I absolutely look forward to what i do. They always ask about the money first and honestly it is not all about the money. My other jobs are all about the money. This lifestyle is fun, interesting, keeps me on my toes. I enjoy the joy i bring from having an understanding of how someone feels or what they need. And i myself am catering to a need.

Talked to a friend of mine who does photography and i think we are going to do pics which some will be posted on my site while others will b sold....also dont want my boots anymore if anyone wants to buy them feel free...did alot of walking in those boots and they smell pretty bad but hey to each its own......Also doing skype....also i do not use paypal but instead payoneer bc of the content of my services. 

 between then and now-
Sooo omg this piggie today showed me his lil penis and i laughed my ass off, but not as hard as when he told me "when he takes a cold shower he can make it disappear" lolz omg that made my day, hilarious...if any of you can do that please send me picks...i love a piggie that can do tricks with his small prick !!!!!


lately i have been feeling a tad sadistic....i have lots of things id rather see my slaves do....like an obstacle course of some sort....but on your body...oh and i like arts and crafts....so i can put it on my blog....and make it all prettyfuls....sucks i cant do the whole phone thing for awhile bc someone decided it belongs better in a sink full of water.....ahhhh....but all is well....love my new hair, i usually cam at night nowadays....oh and for christmas i want a DSLR camera......i would love it if u just put money towards it or if you want to buy ig go ahead...it is round 1200 with accesories included...so i can take awesome pics ...its a win-win if you think about it. so you could tip me in nite flirt, talksugar, send things to my email i have a p.o box to send money and also directly in my account by clicking on my banner.

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