Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Disclaimer: not contact me trying to get a free cam show. I will not turn cam on for you unless you are paying for my time. Yea it sucks that there are shady people out there pretending to be whoever but it is on both sides and i will not tolerate it. So you can go to my youtube and view my videos alot of them i take pics in and post on here so it should be obvious but for you super dumb fucks out there i have no problem showing you who i am but you will pay for it bc im sick of those just looking to jack off. Yes i am ruthless and i will make u do some pretty mind-altering things but if you cant handle it do not contact me. oh and as promised :) to you know who you are:

lolz how pathetic........pussy bitch  couldnt even aim right.....oh and im open to cam today.....if you do not have an account with xxxcambabes you are more than welcome to put money in my account directly from banner at top or purchase something(s) off my wishlist of equal or greater value.